bravo|Sohowood Bedroom

A warm, cozy image pops up in your mind when you think of your bedroom. At bravo, we make sure that, this vision is translated into reality using our Sohowood collection.

SohoWood Collection

The Sohowood collection consists of a majestic bed with an elegant headboard to uplift the style quotient of your bedroom.

Sohowood Bed Headboard

The dresser in the Sohowood collection is an exquisite piece complete with the mirror.

Sohowood Dresser
Sohowood Dresser

The wardrobe in the Sohowood collection combines style and functionality to bring the best of both.

Sohowood Wardrobe
Sohowood Wardrobe- Inside

The nightstands in the Sohowood collection do not just stand pretty but make sure that you have the things that you need near you.

Sohowood Nightstand

The Sohowood collection is a perfect addition to your bedroom space bringing with it a style quotient that amps up the space.