Stylish & Functional Seats @ bravo

Your living space is defined by the way you arrange your seating. Be it a small space or a large one, sofas give a distinct feel to your living room. Functional sofas that can be used as a sleeping space when there are guests at home are all the rage now.

Have a look at the functional sofas range @ bravo:

  1. The Conrad

The Conrad Sofa makes an excellent addition to your living space. As it doubles up as a sofa bed, you need not worry of extra people plan to stay with you.

2. The Elton

The Elton sofa is an elegant addition to your space. It can convert itself into a day bed making sure that you lounge in comfort and style.

3. The Barcelona

The Barcelona is an ultimate space saver. Posing as a luxurious sofa in the day, it can be converted into a double bed size at night making sure that your guests feel comfortable to stay the night even if you do not have an extra room.

4. The Queens

The Queens sofa has an extendable bed safely tucked in its beautiful design that will act as the extra bed needed when people stay over.

5. The Monroe

The Monroe is a part of our range of Teeny Sofas which is perfect for small spaces and turns flat out into a bed when needed.